The Kids love free things!

So as part of the show I got tons of posters printed for people to take from the show. Even before it properly opened the students went wild. Its not just free food students love its free anything. Here are some iphone photos my friend j-zachary keenan took of the madness.

Crazy Double Hit Make Ready Poster

While at the printers on Monday I had them run this print through twice just to see what would happen. Here is the result.

Install Day 1 and 2

Press Check



I am producing some ceramic pieces for the show. I went to glaze them and accidentally broke one.

View the video on Vimeo

The Plan

So I drew up this plan for the show from memory. I know the flow will end up being very different but its a start.

Off-Set Poster Proofs

Just got the proofs for a bunch of freebie prints for the show. Stop by and score some!

6 Color Print Set Proofs

Pre Order Now!

Leaking Log Sketch

This is a sketch for a sculpture I am working on for the show.

The Spinning Snakes

Show Bus Shelters

Just got some photos from MCAD of the Bus Shelter ads for my show.

Gearing up

With just a few days before I pack everything up for Minneapolis. It is crunch time. Here are a few additional photos from around the studio.